WMC Consulting Program
Project Consultant positions available

The WMC Consulting Program is a great way for students to get hands-on consulting experience. After advancing through the interview stage, students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of London-based start-ups. The small-scale nature and proximity of these companies allow students to gain comprehensive analytical experience while engaging directly with the businesses owners. If you’re innovative, bold, and love tackling problems—this is the program for you!

Expand your network. Catalyze your career.

Gracie Barra BJJ


A legacy started long ago by the Barra family in Brazil, Gracie Barra has become the world’s most respected name when it comes to BJJ. Gracie Barra proves that combat prowess goes beyond just size or strength; instead, it emphasizes technique and discipline. Gracie Barra, one of the key founders of BJJ, caught the Western world’s attention when he defeated much larger opponents through submissions, ground fighting, and throws in both MMA and UFC competitions. Every instructor operating under the Gracie Barra name must go through rigorous training and practice prior to teaching BJJ. The London Branch is no exception. The London Gracie Barra Chapter, boasting the best instructor team to date, is partnering with WMC to improve business operations with the goal of maintaining its title as top dojo in Southwestern Ontario.

David E. White

David E. White is one of Canada’s leading menswear stores specializing in custom suits for formal and casual wear. David E. White has a vast collection of designer brand names for attire of all occasions; office, home and legal. With stores in London and Vancouver, David E. White also provides tailoring and barbershop needs.


Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes is a London Ontario based computer and video game development studio founded in 1993 by James Schmalz. The studio is best known for its co-creation of Epic Games’ highly successful Unreal series of games. With 12 million units sold worldwide across PC, PlayStation2, Xbox, and Dreamcast platforms, the studio holds a net worth of $73 million dollars.


Diply is a user generated, social news and entertainment community dedicated to connecting audiences with popular new-age content. With a net worth of $88 Million, Diply provides engaging and captivating entertainment, videos and news that ignites social conversations of the 21st century. The company generates a global community of 150 million monthly unique visitors.

Big Viking Games

Big Viking Games is the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in mobile HTML5 games. Founded in 2011 by Albert Lai, the company has grown to a team of over 100 across two studios in London and Toronto, Ontario. As a leader in mobile entertainment, many of their works are played by millions on iOS, Android, Facebook and mobile webs.

YuCordero Medical Institute

YuCordero Medical Institute is a medical institution with the purpose of delivering the most advanced methodology of naturopathic medicine. Composing of medical specialists with years of clinical experience and teaching certifications, the institution promises to deliver the essential information to enhance practices worldwide.


NDivine is the first magazine in North America combining both naturopathic and aesthetic medicine with a broad range of methodologies to a large scope of readers.